The Sick of the Fringe 2019

Care and Deconstruction

5th-7th April at the Wellcome Collection, The Place and Camden People's Theatre in central London (closest station Euston)

The DH Ensemble are collaborating with The Sick of the Fringe on BSL Access for their London Festival in April 2019 .

The Sick of the Fringe - London is a three day weekend festival of theatre, performance and ideas exploring the connections between health and art. “In 2019, we are now looking at it in dialogue with a world in pain, societal injustice and systems of oppression. Care & Destruction takes a broad reaching theme and through this programme has invited artists to look at unexpected ways of challenging and considering the negatives of care and the positives of destruction. This festival acts as a provocation, a launch of a long term enquiry to open up and sustain conversations and introduce new critical voices. We are excited for the future and how by working to build communities around ideas we can mobilise support, resistance and understanding.”

BSL Access produced by Jennifer K Bates. Deaf Awareness/Consultancy by Stephen Collins.

Photo Credit: Stephen King

Photo Credit: Stephen King

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Photo credit: Steve Ullathorne

Photo credit: Steve Ullathorne

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Sat 6 April : 12.00 - 14.00 THE SITUATION ROOM Lois Weaver


BSL Interpreted by Kate Furby and Sophie J Allen

Wellcome Collection (The Williams Lounge)
Booking essential - from 22 March

The Situation Room is a format for public discussion created by Lois Weaver that combines theatricality and informal conversation and encourages us to think about the interdependencies of anxiety and desire.

Inspired by the War Room in Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 film, Dr. Strangelove, members of the audience will be invited to form a Council determined by loosely held affinities: a Council of Elders, an Intergenerational Council, a Council of Queers or Intersectional Feminists; a Council of Agnostics or A-politicals. They are invited to the table, moderated by a ‘President’ and monitored by the ‘General’ (who reminds us we are ‘running out of time’) to share what is worrying them, from the personal to the geopolitical. To discuss, listen, and then reach a consensus on a single topic of conversation - the ‘Situation’, and finally to consider their desires, ambitions and fantasies as playful and creative solutions to the issue at hand.

Sat 6 April : 14.00 - 15.00 AN IRRESPONSIBLE FATHER’S GUIDE TO PARENTING Laurence Clark


BSL Interpreted by Martin Fox-Roberts

Wellcome Collection (The Forum)
Booking essential - from 22 March

Comedian Laurence Clark starred in BBC1’s documentary 'We Won’t Drop the Baby', following his family’s journey as they welcomed their second child, with the show recently being uploaded to YouTube. The response it received worldwide was at times inspirational and uplifting – at others, derogatory and incredibly personal. 

Laurence’s show explores these reactions, and questions his role as a father, with cerebral palsy, with the help of his two young sons, who undoubtedly steal the limelight with their charming and innocent view of their parents.

“Wickedly funny” – Herald
“Intelligent and incredibly mischievous” – Metro
“Close to the bone and very funny” – Scotsman

Photo credit: Kate Raines

Photo credit: Kate Raines

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Photographer: Jacob Tekiela

Photographer: Jacob Tekiela

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Sat 6 April and Sun 7 April : 16.00 - 17.00 WHITE FEMINIST Lee Minora


BSL Interpreted by Jo Ross

Wellcome Collection (The Auditorium)
Booking essential - from 22 March

Are you one of the good ones? Did you go to a women's march? Do you call your senator? Would you boycott Becky? Tonight someone's gonna. Talk show host Becky Harlowe is filming this episode live and you're so #blessed to be in her studio audience. Or are you? Gender and privilege collide in Lee Minora’s scathing American comedy that'll grab you by the p*ssy hat.

On why this show now Lee Minora says “Cause it’s about damn time. As feminist movements like #metoo gather mainstream momentum it's crucial that feminists do the work to recognize the intersecting issues that impact people's lives differently. I’m turning call-out culture on those who really need it. White women. Why? Because too many of us fail to understand that you can be both the oppressed AND the oppressor."


Sun 7 April: 13.30 - 14.15 OUR OTHER BODY Boaz Barkan


BSL Interpreted by Tracy Tyer

Wellcome Collection (Studio)
Booking essential - from 22 March

With brutality and humour, I dig through a living body to find a precarious organ with rather unpleasant functions.

A performance about ‘internalised racism’ - examining the effects of racism on the way we ‘are in our bodies’, the way identity inhabits the body.

In the performance I explores how these forces are ‘lived’ in us, based on my experience as an Israeli Jew with roots in Europe.

I use a living naked corpse as a theatre for an intimate, playful and sincere discourse about these critical influences in our life. It is a performative anatomical description of a hidden organ, an organ which stores racist ideas and influences the function and image of our own body.

In particular I discuss the Jewish identity and the effects racism has had on the embodiment of the 'Jewish Body' vs. the 'Zionist Body', oppressed and oppressor.

In the performance, I draw parallels between the history of my Jewish-German family before the WW2, and the life of Muslim-Danish communities today. I make the point that living within the white Danish context has an effect on our embodiment and should be discussed more openly.

Who cries wins CryingEvam.jpg

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Sun 7 April : 14.00 - 15.30 WHO CRIES WINS Martin O’Brien & guests


BSL Interpreted by Kate Furby and Sophie J Allen

Wellcome Collection (The Williams Lounge)
Booking essential - from 22 March

This discussion event questions if there is an increase in artists identifying closely, and leading with, their own histories of trauma and/or painful autobiography. To what extent is this true, and if true, what may have instigated this?

As festivals, live platforms and opportunities begin to focus on the support of these current questions and seeking out artists' trauma, we pose the question now: what is the tense line between raising visibility and exploitation. Additionally, another consideration: Is there such a thing as competitive trauma?

This is a public discussion hosted and facilitated by performance artist and scholar Martin O'Brien, with contributions from artists Mele Broomes and Amelia Stubberfield, who are presenting work in the Care & Destruction programme

Subtitled Events

Soaps and society .jpg

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Wellcome Collection (The Auditorium)

Sun 7 April : 
12.30 - 13.30
Booking essential - from 22 March

Soap operas have a long tradition of reflecting and impacting societal debate and a duty of care to their audiences to accurately and supportively deal with story issues. In this panel, The Sick of the Fringe welcomes senior members of the Hollyoaks team to explore how a complex organisation deals with this duty of care, both internally, through all aspects of the production including casting and writing, and externally with agencies, charities and other stakeholders. Providing behind the scenes insight into a popular show operating in a genre whose societal reach is often underrated, but whose impact is widely felt. The conversation will be chaired by television super-fan and TSOTF co-founder Brian Lobel and feature Gary Carter (Hollyoaks Series Consultant), and Chloe Tucker (Commissioner, Channel 4 Drama).

About Hollyoaks: The long-running Channel 4 series Hollyoaks, produced by Lime Pictures, has a tradition of dealing with contemporary societal issues in the context of a unique, youthful, aspirational story-world, and is widely recognised as a leader in this area amongst contemporary soap operas.  For Hollyoaks' optimistic, progressive and energetic portrayal of contemporary British society and its skilful handling of issues of disability, race, sexual politics and physical and emotional health, it has received widespread recognition. Hollyoaks is recognised as a consistent innovator in this regard, as demonstrated by Hollyoaks' 2018 Disability Confident campaign and other activities.

Photo credit: Hamish Brown

Photo credit: Hamish Brown

Sat 6 April : 12.30 - 13.30 CARE AND DESTRUCTION OF A CHILDHOOD Lemn Sissay

Wellcome Collection (The Auditorium)
Booking essential - from 22 March

In Care & Destruction of a Childhood, Lemn discusses the care system, drawing on his own childhood and recent Channel 4 documentary Super Kids: Breaking Away From Care, where he helps young people in the care of their council to express their experiences through poetry.

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The Sick of the Fringe 2016

17th-19th February at the Wellcome Collection, The Place, Conway Hall and Camden People's Theatre in central London (closest station Euston) Click here for venue addresses/directions

The Deaf & Hearing Ensemble collaborated with The Sick of the Fringe and Love Language Ltd on BSL Access for their London Festival in February 2016. There were over 20 British Sign Language interpreted performances, workshops and events. We hope to continue this relationship for future festivals. 

The Sick of the Fringe - London is a three day weekend festival of theatre, performance and ideas exploring the connections between health and art. TSOTF aims to create a space which looks at the body in ways that are nuanced, intersectional, far-reaching, inclusive, accessible, sustained, meaningful and filled with joy, love and respect.The bedrock of TSOTF is the ardent belief that performance, theatre and art are critical to understanding illness, health, medicine, disability and well-being. 

BSL Access produced by Erin Siobhan Hutching. Deaf Awareness/Consultancy by Stephen Collins. Sign Language Interpreters from Love Language Ltd. 





Click to download a quick reference guide to BSL interpreted events



Friday 17th February 11am - 12.30pm PRODUCER GATHERING

BSL Interpreted by Tracey Tyer & Beverley Wilson

Sally Rose and Xavier de Sousa return to host a Producer Gathering as part of The Sick of the Fringe. A key piece of learning over the past year has been in exploring well being, and constructive strategies for ensuring that independent artists are developing their work whilst also remaining sustainable. We will be thinking about structures to be implemented in future fringe settings, and regular support mechanisms for those working independently – and beyond.

WELLCOME COLLECTION - FREE - BOOKING ESSENTIAL - If the event shows as sold out then for the BSL/Access ticket allocation email


Friday 17th February 1.30pm - 3pm TICKETS TO MY TRAUMA

BSL Interpreted by Tracey Tyer & Beverley Wilson

Join Kate Copstick - chief comedy reviewer for The Scotsman -  and guests in an event for artists performing about themselves and their health, illness and disability to explore the question: How do we market, support and publicise ourselves when the specifics of ourselves are so hard to talk about?

This event gives artists the opportunity to be part of the growing TSOTF community by sharing ideas, strategies and conversations around the marketing and press needs of performances dealing with health, illness and disability.


SOLD OUT ONLINE BUT BSL/ACCESS TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE -email or visit the Camden People's Theatre box office


Friday 17th February 3.30pm-5.30pm THE DIY MINDFULNESS SURVIVAL KIT

BSL Interpreted by Tracey Tyer & Beverley Wilson

Working life for creative practitioners is often challenging, tiring and underpaid, and we often forget to look after our most important resource: our own energy and wellbeing. 

But how can we better take care of ourselves?

Artist, anthropologist and meditation teacher, Daniel Baker offers practical mindfulness techniques for self-care in the creative industries.


SOLD OUT ONLINE BUT BSL/ACCESS TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE -email or visit the Camden People's Theatre box office


Friday 17th February 7.30pm- 8.25pm THE CASTLE BUILDER (Performance)

BSL interpreted - interpreter Kam Deo

The Castle Builder is an emotional and hard rocking journey into the hearts and souls that exist on the outer limits of creativity and building regulations.

It tells the true story of an inmate in a Norwegian psychiatric institute who over five years built a castle on a remote headland. The show spirals from personal accounts into tales of other outsider artists who’ve been inspired to build extraordinary structures, alone, in secret, and without artistic validation from the real world. Vic Llewellyn and Kid Carpet re-imagine these stories with visceral live music, dancing and projection.


Lyn Ruth Miller.jpg

Saturday 18th February 1pm - 2pm THE FRINGE IS TURNING 70 (Comedy)

BSL Interpreted by Naomi Bottril and Darren Townsend-Handscomb

Lynn Ruth Miller started doing comedy on stage aged 71. She was dubbed 'the new Joan Rivers of Fringe Comedy' at the Edinburgh Fringe. Now 83, she has accumulated numerous awards and is the oldest performing female stand up comedian in the UK. Those who are older can no longer stand up.

Grace the Former Child, 14, will feature as the youngest in a line up of seven comedians spanning seven decades.

Contains material of an adult nature




Saturday 18th February 2pm - 2.35pm EATEN (Work in progress)

BSL interpreted by Naomi Gray

A really cunning, witty work that makes the brain cells spark with delight.’ The Herald on 4D Cinema

Eaten is a performance piece for families that playfully explores the meaning of eating and being eaten, in nature as well as at our dining tables. Mamoru takes on the roles of the eater, the eaten and many others in between to ask what we should and shouldn’t eat… And who should and shouldn't eat us.



Saturday 18th February 1pm - 2pm STARRING YOUR PAIN 

BSL Interpreted by Kathy Yeoman and Kam Deo

When performance is made from direct personal experience of physical or mental ill-health, how might that affect the approach of the critic faced with reviewing it? Writer Maddy Costa hosts a frank discussion between artists and critics on the complex relationship between autobiographical work and its responses. With panelists Bobby Baker, Lyn Gardner, Alexandrina Hemsley and Rosemary Waugh.


SOLD OUT ONLINE BUT BSL/ACCESS TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE - email or visit the Wellcome Collection box office



Saturday 18th February 2pm - 3pm NURSE KNOWS BEST (SHEILA GHELANI) - 15 min sessions

BSL interpreted by Rose Marie Lennon

Broken hearts are sewn up and troubled spirits soothed.' The Guardian

Nurse Knows Best invites you to take a quick pit stop - to lie back, relax and think about how you treat yourself. It's really quite nice. You'll play patient, we'll play nurse. We've got some thoughts and some flowers, some advice and some smiles. Some treats and some sponges. Some sprays and some wiles. Don't you worry about a thing. Now just slip these off and rest your weary heart down... Let’s start with your ‘self’ it needs some attention.

Each performance is 15 minutes long. Please note that this is only BSL interpreted between 2pm and 3pm on Saturday 18th February



Saturday 18th February 2.30pm - 3.30pm WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE

BSL Interpreted by Kathy Yeoman and Kam Deo

Dying is a modern taboo. And yet death is offered as entertainment in films, video-games and TV. We love ‘pretend’ death. We just don’t want to think about real dying. How does that misinformation affect our ability to discuss real death, to prepare for deaths of our dear ones – and even the end of our own lives?

Doctor Kathryn Mannix, who knows real dying from a career in palliative care, wants to explore our fascination with death. Using examples from the world of dying-as-entertainment, join her as she looks at the gap between art and reality, and test your own fears and assumptions.


SOLD OUT ONLINE BUT BSL/ACCESS TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE - email or visit the Wellcome Collection box office


Saturday 18th February 2.30pm - 3.45pm PERFORMING CHANGE 

Presented by Lost Watch Theatre, Emma Frankland & Laura Dannequin

BSL interpreted by Dionne Deans and Susan Booth


The body is a magnificent thing: ever-changing, shifting, morphing, dying, regrowing. How does it feel to create a singular piece of art about your body, using your body, when its not stable - with medical, political, social and spiritual realities which can change.

Performing Change asks three artists to revisit a piece of work and explore new ways in which time has shifted the meaning and how they wish to talk about the work now.

All three artists will spend time discussing change as a theme across their divergent work, and then report back. The Sick of the Fringe will present a panel of performances, talks and interventions exploring the reality of ‘performing change’, as a model for how we think about artistic practice, but, more importantly, as a model for how we all live with our own ever-changing body.

This piece is in development.


Saturday 18th February 4pm -4.45pm I''VE GOT A PROBLEM WITH MY THINGY - MALACHI (Performance)

BSL Interpreted by Darren Townsend-Handscomb

How would you feel if you suddenly acquired a medical problem that's difficult to discuss?

As a result of a severe brain injury, Malachi found himself in this position, and now plucks up the courage to talk openly about it. In this unsentimental, and humorous, presentation/performance, he tells his story, and examines responses to topics like this.


SOLD OUT ONLINE BUT BSL/ACCESS TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE - email or visit the Wellcome Collection box office



BSL Interpreted by Kathy Yeoman and Kam Deo

Artist, writer, and activist Jess Thom has Tourettes syndrome, a neurological condition that means she makes movements and noises she can’t control, called tics. Following the success of her multi-award-winning show, Backstage in Biscuit Land, Jess is turning her attention to a challenging new project – a neurodiverse production of Samuel Beckett’s short play Not I.

This discussion will explore themes of neurodiversity, disability culture, gender politics, isolation, representation and what happens when tics meet text.


Jess is one of the 10% of people with Tourettes who has some swearing tics. As a result, this conversation may contain words that some people find offensive.

WELLCOME COLLECTION - FREE - BOOKING ESSENTIAL - If the event shows as sold out then for the BSL/Access ticket allocation email


Saturday 18th February 4pm - 6pm DEATH CAFE

BSL Interpreted by Dionne Deans and Susan Booth


Founded by Jon Underwood and Sue Barsky Reid in 2011, the Death Café is a tea party style gathering which encourages facilitated discussion, openness and awareness around death and dying in a supportive environment.



Saturday 18th February 4.30pm - 5.25pm GUSSET GRIPPERS (Performance)

BSL interpreted Interpreted by Rose Marie Lennon

‘See this show, your knickers will thank you.’

Elaine Miller: comedian, physiotherapist, mother of three and recovered incontinent, explores the wonders of your pelvic floor and explains how to laugh - but not leak. Scientifically proven to improve male and female orgasms* you’ll leave knowing what your pelvic floor is, what it does, and what to do with yours if you think it’s a bit broken.

Evidence based – CPD certificate, list of references and reflective questions for healthcare professionals.

Suitable for all orientations, sexes and ages (contains frank sexual content, and you’re on your own if your kids repeat what they heard...) Does not feature actual live human gussets, sorry. No questions asked of the audience.



Saturday 18th February 5pm - 5.55pm GUTTED - THE CONKER GROUP (Performance)

BSL interpreted by Naomi Bottril

After sell-out performances in theatres and hospitals, The Conker Group present their shameless tale of love, laughter and lavatories. A journey of frank confessions, colourful characters and too much brown sauce, Gutted is based on solo performer Liz Richardson’s real life experiences as a twenty-something living with inflammatory bowel disease.

Co-created by Tara Robinson. Co-produced by HOME Manchester, supported by IA & The Wellcome Trust


SOLD OUT ONLINE BUT BSL/ACCESS TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE -email or visit the Camden People's Theatre box office


Saturday 18th February 7.30pm -8.30pm BLACK - LE GATEAU CHOCOLAT (Performance)

BSL Interpreted by Martin Fox-Roberts

One of the most life-affirming, inventive and beautiful shows.’ The List

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.’ Maya Angelou

Featuring a repertoire ranging from Wagner and Purcell to Nina Simone and Whitney Houston, Black is an intimate and confessional portrait of Nigerian singer Le Gateau Chocolat’s life: his hopes, his fears and his battle with depression.

This is a new version of the critically-acclaimed show re-staged with the Psappha New Music Ensemble.



Free tickets are available to those accompanying disabled people. Please contact or visit the box office at Conway Hall for a free companion ticket or to reserve a good seat to view the interpreter


Saturday 18th February 6pm onwards DEAF PUB

A social event for Deaf and hearing BSL users or those interested in BSL, organised by Love Language

The last talk at The Sick of the Fringe ends at 6pm on Saturday but that doesn't mean the night has to end there! Come to The Court pub and meet to talk about what you thought of the festival, and to have a good catch up! Those going to see the performance 'Black' which finishes at 8.30pm can join us afterwards!



Sunday 19th February 11.30am - 1pm CABARET OF DANGEROUS IDEAS

BSL interpreted by Darren Townsend-Handscomb and Kyra Pollitt

Be part of London's very first Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas. Join fiery Glaswegian MC Susan Morrison and our panel of academic speakers for debate, discussion and discourse about some of today's most provocative health research. This is no university lecture - it's a frank, two-way discussion. Come along and have your say.



Sunday 19th February 1pm - 2pm MY BEAUTIFUL BLACK DOG - BRIGETTE APHRODITE (Performance)

BSL interpreted by Naomi Bottril

Imagine the Mighty Boosh crossed with the best episode of Girls.’ Elle Magazine

Black Dog is what Winston Churchill used to call his depression… I have a beautiful black dog and I called her Creshendorious.’ Brigitte Aphrodite

Gig meets theatre meets depression meets a tidal wave of glitter. This is a wild and poetic musical challenging the stigma around mental health which encourages audiences to take ownership of their own black dogs. Expect infectious dance moves, mesmerising costumes and banging tunes.

Produced by Boom Shakalaka Productions.


SOLD OUT ONLINE BUT BSL/ACCESS TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE - email or visit the Wellcome Collection box office


Sunday 19th February 1.30pm - 2.30pm LIFE IS SHIT, SHIT IS LIFE

BSL interpreted  by Naomi Gray and Michelle Wood

The phrase ‘life is shit’ is usually metaphorical. However, recent discoveries in the biomedical field have highlighted how faecal matter has a central role in shaping who we are: our personality, our mental health, our susceptibility to disease. According to this new paradigm, shit is actually life.

This long-table discussion with Aoife Monks, Fulvio D'Acquisto, Qasim Aziz and guests, explores the meanings of physical and metaphorical shit for different disciplines and cultures. Involving performance artists, clinicians, immunologists, historians, literary scholars, geographers, theatre historians and you, this event will ask how shit features in our daily London lives.


SOLD OUT ONLINE BUT BSL/ACCESS TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE - email or visit the Wellcome Collection box office


Sunday 19th February  1.30pm onwards LOVE AND THEN LIGHTHOUSES (Performances)

(Integrated BSL with Becky Allen)

1.30pm - Miranda Prag (20 mins)
2pm - Love and then Lighthouses by Drunken Chorus (50 mins)
3pm - Koko Brown (20 mins) 
3.20pm - Hazel Bracken (20 mins)

Sheena loves Pulp.
She loves Jarvis Cocker.
She loves the ocean, indie discos and the warm sun on her face.
Sometimes she feels lost at sea – alone in the darkness.

Through imagined stories, fantasy gigs and handmade aesthetics, Sheena tells the tale of a little boat who is thrown off course by a storm. Filled with despair, the boat doesn’t know which way to turn and she faces her dark night of the soul.  

A show full of disco lights, smoke machines and beacons in the darkness. A DIY guidebook for a teenage journey through the pitch black Yorkshire night.


Drunken Chorus and Greenwich & Lewisham young People's Theatre present... IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD - part of The Sick of the Fringe The premiere of a brand new solo show by Drunken Chorus, alongside five short solo performances by young female artists - all on themes of mental health.

Sunday 19th February 3pm -4pm BUT I READ IT ON THE INTERNET - ALIX GENEROUS

BSL interpreted by Naomi Bottrill and Darren Townsend-Handscomb


How does the media impact our worldview and knowledge of different kinds of minds? Alix Generous - neuroscientist, author, tech consultant and comedian - discusses how global attitudes towards mental health affect each other. Using accessible scientific research and observational humour, she paints a picture about how the media shapes our perspective on mental diversity.

Alix advocates for scientific literacy, child welfare and the advancement of mental diversity. Her TED talk My Inner Life has received over 1.4 million views.

WELLCOME COLLECTION - FREE - BOOKING ESSENTIAL - If the event shows as sold out then for the BSL/Access ticket allocation email



Sunday 19th February 4pm - 4.45pm WEIRD SEANCE - DANIEL OLIVER (Performance)

BSL interpreted by Kyra Pollitt

Weird Séances are raucously deconstructionist, roughly layered participatory performances about participatory performance. They haphazardly emerge from an unabashed embracing of Daniel’s dyspraxia. Each show is clunkily crow-barred into its site and context; rejigged, added to, undone and perverted so that no two performances are the same. 

We are, Daniel tells us, in some woods in the future looking back on the traumatic incident that occurred right here, in this space, during Daniel’s show.


SOLD OUT ONLINE BUT BSL/ACCESS TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE - email or visit the Wellcome Collection box office


Sunday 19th February 4pm - 5.30pm THE STEVE NICE PUB QUIZ

BSL interpreted by Naomi Gray and Michelle Wood

Professional show off and nosocomephobe Steve Nice hosts a special sickness and health-themed edition of his notorious quiz show. The knives have been sharpened and the rubber gloves are on, for this thorough quizzical examination. Find out things you wish you hadn’t and win prizes you never even knew you wanted. As long as no one dies (of laughter, obvs), there’s a very good chance you’ll leave feeling better than when you arrived. 'Trust me! I’m not a doctor!’


For full addresses for each venue, and directions to get there, click here


Friday 17th, Saturday 18th February 10am-6pm, Sunday 19th February 11am-6pm

WE ARE THE LATEST MODELS OF OUR ANCESTRY Busty Beatz / Hot Brown Honey / TSOTF Commission (Multimedia Exhibition)

When an object is found by one but taken from another, what is the impact? Not only at the time it was taken but for generations to come? Busty Beatz of Hot Brown Honey is on a mission to deconstruct, dissect and shake the foundations of the past by artistically re-imagining history into Herstory. 

Collaborating with artists, academics and researchers from across worlds, disciplines and experiences, We are the Latest Models of our Ancestry sets out to challenge the perceptions of ‘museum objects’. 

Through redefining and reshaping the impact of being taken from and giving voice to the intersections of race, culture and gender empowerment of our contemporary selves.

This multi media installation featuring video, recorded and live sound commissioned for The Sick of the Fringe, accompanies Medicine Man, a permanent exhibition at Wellcome Collection.


This exhibition contains video projections and is accessible for Deaf & hard of hearing


Sunday 19th February 12pm-5pm RECOVERY -FK ALEXANDER (Immersive Sound Based Experience)

So intense that it leads us to the inner place where we find the strength to face up to the onrushing crises of life.’ The Scotsman

RECOVERY is an immersive sound-based sensorial experience. Performed using live singing bowls, medicinal noise music, restorative attention and chakra clearing frequencies.

Conceived as a response to the commercialisation of meditation, capitalist anxietyand hyper-medication culture, this work invites people to suspend intellectual understanding in favour of temporary physical, even spiritual, relief.

Audience members engaging with this performance will be invited to remove footwear and coats, with the opportunity to lie down and become comfortable for as long as desired. Contains complex frequencies and volume in parts.


This experience contains sounds which vibrate and can be felt, which may make it accessible for Deaf & hard of hearing