Every child is born blessed with a vivid imagination. But just as a muscle grows flabby with disuse, so the bright imagination of a child pales in later years if he ceases to exercise it
— Walt Disney

The Deaf & Hearing Ensemble are passionate about nurturing talent and providing opportunities for children and young people to develop their skills and knowledge when it comes to working in theatre. As a result we offer workshops and internships to both D/deaf and hearing young people. Most members of The Ensemble started learning their craft at a youth theatre of some sort or in school productions and it's this initial spark of interest, creativity and imagination that can be encouraged and nourished or... without the proper support, it can disappear. We know that many young D/deaf people in particular have limited access to training and skills development and so, we want to offer this in workshops and/or internships.

We believe that this opportunity should be available to every child or young person. 

We believe that brilliant things can come from being given permission to explore creativity and play no matter what age you are. 

We believe that cross-cultural understanding and discovering other people's truths/stories is a way of learning empathy and compassion. 

We know all this can have an impact on so many other factors in a young person's life and help nourish a general all round lovely person. 

We offer workshops to schools and design bespoke workshops to correlate with the topic or subject being taught at that time, or we can deliver a fun, high energy, playful general drama workshop to encourage communication and confidence. Workshops we have delivered in the past include: 

  • Family
  • Bullying
  • Building Bridges
  • Social Media 
  • Creating a story from scratch
  • Telling an autobiographical story

We would love to visit your school, youth club or other organisation. Please contact us for any further info : info@thedeafandhearingensemble.com