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How can a small sheep become a big orange balloon?

With a lot of imagination and determination - anything is possible! 

 Mathilda is a little grey sheep in a little grey world. Her herd is content to munch clovers, but Mathilda’s mind is full of questions. When an orange balloon makes a surprise appearance on the farm, Mathilda discovers there is more to who she is than being a grey sheep!

As she explores what it means to be orange, Mathilda leads us all on a journey of self-discovery and the joys of self-expression. Join Mathilda, her herd, and our narrators on stage and see how, with a little imagination and a big open mind, anything is possible! With a diverse cast of Deaf and hearing actors, Mathilda’s tactile, fully realised world is welcoming and fully accessible to Deaf and hearing children and families through the use of spoken English, sign language, and creative captions and animation.

Accessible for D/deaf and hearing audiences through the use of creative captioning and British Sign Language. 

The show is suitable for children aged 3-8 and their families and will be touring the UK in Spring/Summer 2019 - venues and dates to be announced soon

Mathilda and the Orange Balloon is an international collaboration being produced with US Artist Jess Kaufman based on the poplar children’s book by Randall de Sève and illustrated by Jen Corace.