Distilled to the story of its two central characters, our Macbeth is the story of a couple’s journey through shared ambition into isolation, madness and torment. It is claustrophobic and forensic with barely room to breathe. 

There are four performers, two (one Deaf and one hearing) playing each role. We are most interested in finding theatrical languages, physical and vocal, signed and spoken, to crack open the inner world of each character and their relationship with themselves and one another.

The DH Ensemble has so far had two R&D periods on Macbeth, supported by The Royal Shakespeare Company and The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award through the Barbican. 

The DH Ensemble's story of Macbeth will be developed in 2018.

Creative team:

Macbeth - Sandy Grierson & Stephen Collins

Lady Macbeth- Sophie Stone & Erin Siobhan Hutching

Director - Jennifer K. Bates

Lighting Designer - Clancy Flynn

Producers - Erin Siobhan Hutching & Jennifer K. Bates