Forest Fringe Access Day

Since 2013, we have partnered with Forest Fringe to create a day that is fully BSL accessible, something we are very proud of.

We help to partner the skilled Theatrical Sign Language Interpreters with the artists so they can have a creative conversation prior to the performance and schedule some rehearsal time: a luxury that most SLIs who work in theatre don't usually get with the artists. This allows conversation to develop complex layers and subtleties in the translation of the piece. This event allows for this essential dialogue to take place and to get artists and audiences excited by interpreted performances

In 2013, we were also Forest Fringe Company in Residence, creating a piece of work in 5 days followed by a sharing. 

In 2015, we performed a work in progress version of our piece People of the Eye as the first performance of the Access Day. 

The 2016 Access Day at Forest Fringe was on Saturday 13th August, produced with Inkblot Collective.