At The Deaf and Hearing Ensemble we are often asked about our process and ways of making work. We love to talk about it. 

We explore collaboration and PLAY as a means of generating material and putting it together to create live theatrical performances. 

We are always happy to talk about our work or lead workshops for you to experience our process. If you would like to hear more please email

Jen running a workshop at Solar Bear's Progression Festival in Glasgow Sept 2015. Photo Credit: Solar Bear and Eoin Carey.

"I'd love to see an expended version of Jen Bates event. It would be fantastic for something like this to happen in London"

"I learned so much from Jen"

"Thoroughly enjoyed Jen's workshop"

"It was interesting to hear about her experiences"

"More than an hour with Jen next time please!" 

- Participants, Progression Festival 2015